On-Premises Benefits
Learn the Benefits of FrameFlow's On-Premises IT Monitoring

FrameFlow: The On-Premises Monitoring Solution

FrameFlow's status as an on-premises only monitoring tool gives it benefits like data ownership and retention, security, and continuity that can't be beat. Not to mention, you get to bypass potential cloud computing complications like data loss, limited overall control, and cloud downtime. This article highlights the benefits of FrameFlow running on-premises and explains a little about each benefit.

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Data Ownership

With FrameFlow, all the data you collect belongs to you, the end user. Compare that to some cloud-based monitoring solutions, which will use your data for their own analytics. This requires them to have access to your data at their own discretion. Since IT monitoring data potentially includes sensitive information about your organization and network infrastructure, this can represent a potential security risk.

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Data Retention Control

Hosted solutions limit how much of your data that you can retain, but with FrameFlow, you can retain a virtually unlimited amount of data limited only by the space you dedicate to storing it. As with any on-premises solution, you have control over how long you want to keep your data, with no ongoing charges for the amount of storage used. Use this flexibility to your advantage! Collect enough long-term data to decipher trends in your IT environment, delete old data to save space, it's all up to you with FrameFlow.

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One of the biggest benefits of hosting your monitoring locally with FrameFlow is that your data is stored on your FrameFlow server and never on any third-party systems. This removes from the equation many forms of data theft, service attacks, or other security concerns.

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With all your data on-premises and under your control locally, as long as your FrameFlow server is running, you'll have access to the monitoring interface. With hosted solutions, if your internet connection goes down, either due to an internal issue or due to an upstream provider, you've lost all visibility. Running FrameFlow locally means that even during such an event, your monitoring and alerting continue as usual.


As mentioned above, the fact that FrameFlow is an on-premises monitoring solution gives you more security and control than a hosted solution can. By keeping your monitoring local, you can save time, data, and often, money. Click below to give us a try for 30 days and see what we can do for your organization. Remember, installing a new FrameFlow instance takes five minutes or less. You'll be up and running in no time!

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