Unified Monitoring for All Your IT Systems

What If You Could Have Just One Monitoring Solution?

Unified Monitoring for All Your IT Systems

You probably manage a lot of servers to power the information and data processing needs of your organization. Some of these servers may be in the cloud, but other servers need to be managed on site, or at remote sites within your business.

Many of your servers and data centres are very important to the core functions of your operations and need to be continually monitored for availability, health and performance to ensure that your servers keep going strong and your networks keep flowing.

Your technology environment and supporting IT infrastructure, most likely, consists of more than just servers. There are switches, routers and firewalls; printers, UPS’s (uninterruptable power supply) and cooling systems. Even cameras and display systems. Each system plays a critical role in your organization. If one goes down, it affects business operations.

More Than Just Servers: Power Systems, Cameras, Cooling Equipment and More

Many IT systems come with their own monitoring software. The problem is: they are all different. One monitoring application can send alerts by email, but can’t send text messages. One of them has nice dashboards, but no alerting. Each one is different from the next, and often incompatible with each other.

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What If You Could Have "Unified Monitoring"?

FrameFlow is your Unified Monitoring solution. With FrameFlow you get: one master console showing all systems; consistent alerts for all your IT staff; monitoring for all your servers and IT equipment, sensors and devices. All of this is managed through a web-based console that is elegant and easy to use.

Here’s how FrameFlow can unify all your IT monitoring requirements within one streamlined solution:

Keep Track of All Your Critical Systems

FrameFlow can monitor servers, switches, routers, workstations, printers, UPS’s, PDU’s (power distribution units) HVAC equipment and many other types of supporting systems, sensors and infrastructure… essentially any type of IP-enabled device. FrameFlow also monitors applications, processes, web servers, and scripts, making our tool the unified solution to monitor all your IT systems and equipment.

Build Beautiful Dashboards

Point, click, drag and drop. That’s all it takes to build beautiful custom dashboards that incorporate graphs, gauges, data point values, network diagrams and much more. Build multiple dashboards and then launch them as a rotating slideshow, or display your dashboard on the big screen in your operations room.

Design and Build Beautiful Dashboards

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FrameFlow is deployed by Fortune 500 companies as the unified monitoring platform of choice. If you would like to experience, first hand, just how easily FrameFlow can unify all your IT and server monitoring needs, why not give us a test run with our free 30-day trial, no credit card or obligation required!

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