Amazon AWS Billing Event Monitor
Learn How to Monitor Your Monthly AWS Bills and Services
About the Amazon AWS Billing Event Monitor

The Amazon AWS Billing Event Monitor keeps track of each cost metric associated with your Amazon AWS account. It will send you alerts if you've exceeded or are on track to exceed the prices that you specify. When added to your monitoring configuration, it can help you set up and stick to a budget in real time.

Getting Started

To begin, set an alert level to receive if FrameFlow cannot connect to AWS. This will alert you if there are ever any connection issues between the event monitor and AWS. Once that's done, you can begin configuring the rest of the Amazon AWS Billing Event Monitor's settings.

Connection Alert Settings

Amazon AWS Billing Event Monitor Settings

Now, configure the month-to-date settings. You can set dollar amounts that, when surpassed, will trigger each level of alert regarding your month-to-date bill. You can also set alert levels for any one category. These will trigger when the dollar amount for the month-to-date bill is surpassed in any one category.

Month-to-Date Settings

The next two options alert based on the monthly forecasted total bill. The first one will alert you if the forecasted bill for the current month exceeds the values you specify. The second option does the same, but for the next month's projected bill.

Forecasting Settings

Below these options are the daily billing alert settings. These will keep track of day-to-day spending and alert if you exceed specified thresholds. The option to alert based on the percentage daily bill increase will send alerts if the month-to-date bill increased by a specified percentage in one day.

The option to alert based on total daily bill increase measures according to the amount of daily increase instead of percentage. Both of these options are also available on a by-category basis, meaning if any one category's bill exceeds specified percentages or amounts, you will receive an alert.

Daily AWS Bill Forecasting

The last few options allow you to include or omit certain values from your results. "Don't report zero dollar values" will omit any zero dollar changes from the event monitor's output. There are also fields for excluding or only including certain categories. Use these to receive notifications only about the categories that concern you.

Inclusion/Exclusion Settings


In this tutorial, we showed you how to configure an Amazon AWS Billing Event Monitor. Now you can monitor current and projected AWS costs without having to keep a constant eye on them. Make sure to check out our other new tutorials on the Features page and keep an eye out for more coming soon! Refer to our Amazon AWS Billing Event Monitor reference guide for more documentation on this event monitor.

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