Amazon AWS EC2 Event Monitor
Watches AWS Instances for Changes in State
About the Amazon AWS EC2 Event Monitor

The Amazon AWS EC2 Event Monitor watches your AWS instances, elastic IPs, snapshots, and security groups. It alerts based on the state of each instance and the presence or absence of elastic IPs and snapshots.

Getting Started

To begin, set an alert level to receive if the event monitor cannot connect to AWS.

Connection Settings

The first option will let you know if the state of any instance changes. The next one will notify you if any instance has failed a status check.

State Change Settings

You can also choose to be alerted if any instance is launched or deleted. After this, specify whether or not you want to receive a list of all instances in each notification generated by the event monitor.

Launch and Deletion Settings

The next four options are elastic IP settings. The first two let you know if an elastic IP has been added or removed. The next two will notify you if an elastic IP has been assigned or unassigned.

Elastic IP Settings

You can also configure snapshot alert settings with the Amazon AWS EC2 Event Monitor. You can choose to be alerted if new snapshots are created or deleted. Select your preferred level of alert for each case.

Snapshot Creation/Deletion Settings

Choose the alert levels you want to receive based on the number of snapshots detected, then configure the alert settings that will trigger if the combined size of all snapshots exceeds the values you specify.

Snapshot Size/Number Settings

Next, configure the level of alert you want to receive if any security groups are modified.

Security Group Settings


In this tutorial, we showed you how to set up an Amazon AWS EC2 Event Monitor and begin monitoring your databases. Keep an eye on the Features page of FrameFlow's website as we're adding new tutorials often. Refer to our Amazon AWS EC2 Event Monitor reference guide for more documentation on this event monitor.

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