DNS Event Monitor
Receive Custom IT Monitoring Alerts About Your DNS Servers
About the DNS Event Monitor

The DNS Event Monitor connects to a local or remote DNS server and attempts to resolve the specified domain names. To begin using this event monitor, choose the network device or devices that you'll be monitoring with this event monitor.

Device Chooser

Event Monitor Options

The first option lets you choose either a specified or a locally defined DNS server.

Server Designation Option

Next, choose a level of alert to receive if the DNS server is unreachable.

Unreachable Option

The next option lets you choose a level of alert that will be triggered if the device name can't be resolved to an IP address.

Resolution Option

Finally, select the level of alert you want to receive if the IP address changes.

IP Change Settings


This tutorial taught you how to set up a DNS Event Monitor and customize its settings. To view more documentation on this event monitor, refer to its Technical Resources page.

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