Exchange Performance Event Monitor
Monitor Exchange Performance Counters and Set Custom Thresholds for Alerts
About the Exchange Performance Event Monitor

The Exchange Performance Event Monitor monitors a set of commonly-used Exchange performance counters and alerts you if the thresholds you specify have been exceeded. This tutorial will teach you a little about the event monitor and how to set it up.

Exchange Performance Event Monitor Settings

First, select the version of Exchange Server you're working with.

Version Chooser

The first two options in the Exchange Performance Event Monitor alert based on the total size of all queues used for internal and external message delivery respectively.

Aggregate Delivery Queue Length Alert Options

The next two options control alerting on mailbox delivery queue lengths. Choose the queue length that will trigger an alert for active and retry delivery mailboxes.

Mailbox Queue Length Alert Options

To receive alerts on the length of the MSExchangeTransport's submission and unreachable queues, check the next two boxes and configure each alert level.

Submission and Unreachable Queues Options

Use the next three options to receive alerts about message rates. You can monitor the messages submitted per second, messages completed delivery per second, and the messages that are queued for delivery per second.

Message Rate Options

The next option alerts on the number of SMTP connections currently being used to send messages. Choose the number of SMTP connections that will trigger each level of alert.

SMTP Connection Alert Option

The two options below this also alert based on SMTP messages. The first one alerts on the number of messages sent per second and the second option alerts on the number of bytes per second being sent by SMTP.

SMTP Message Alert Option

After that, choose the number of active POP3 connections that will trigger each level of alert.

POP3 Alert Option

Similarly, the option below this one alerts on the number of IMAP4 connections currently active.

IMAP4 Alert Option

The next option will send you alerts about the number of users currently using Microsoft Outlook Web Access.

Current OWA Users Option

The final two options control alerts for your MSExchange database. You can receive alerts based on the page fault stalls per second and the number of version buckets allocated.

MSExchange Database Options


This tutorial showed you how to configure the settings of an Exchange Performance Event Monitor. To view more documentation on this event monitor, see its event monitor reference guide.

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