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HP iLO Event Monitor
Learn How to Use FrameFlow to Monitor iLO on Your HP Servers
Getting Started

The HP iLO Event Monitor communicates with the iLO interface on your HP servers. It can alert based on a variety of potential hardware issues. The iLO interface has its own IP address and network connection, so make sure to enter the IP address of the iLO interface and not the IP address of the server itself. To verify that you have the correct IP address, paste it into the address bar of a browser. If it takes you to an HP iLO login page, the IP address you have entered is correct.

HP iLO Event Monitor Settings

The settings available on this event monitor depend on which version of iLO you are running. Select your version of iLO to see which options are available to you. Some of the following options will only be available if you are running a newer version.

Additionally, if you are running iLO 2 or iLO 3, you must first install HPQLOCFG.exe utility version 5.3 or later. Visit the HP support website to find the download link.

HP iLO Version Chooser

As always, check the first box to be alerted if the server cannot be reached. The second option will alert you if the health status of the server's chassis is not OK. Specify the alert level you would like to receive. You can be alerted in the same way about the health status of the server's fans, temperature, power, array controller, and more listed in the image below. These options and alert levels can be tailored to your specific monitoring needs, but we recommend always selecting an alert level for the system health option.

HP iLO Event Monitor Options

The next option will alert you if the available power for the chassis is less than the thresholds you specify. Input your thresholds in percent format for each level of alert.

Chassis Power Alert Options

The HP iLO Event Monitor can also track the average consumed power for a chassis and alert based on the thresholds you specify. Just like the last option, you can input percentages that will trigger info, warning, error, and critical levels of alert.

You can choose to be alerted based on fan speeds as well. Input values in terms of percentage that will trigger each alert level. This will help you stay on top of issues that could signify overheating.

Fan Speed Option

Systems can have one or more temperature probes and iLO has thresholds for non-critical and critical levels. Use the option to be alerted if a temperature probe is greater than its threshold to get alerts when these thresholds are passed and convert them into selected monitoring status levels. Log into the iLO interface to specify the non-critical and critical thresholds.

You can also input specific disk drive temperatures you would like to be alerted about. This option is available for later versions of iLO only. The default threshold levels are recommended, but you can customize them to your preference.

Temperature Threshold Options

Each of the values obtained from the above options creates data points over time that are viewable in the Graphs section of the HP iLO Event Monitor. Keep an eye on these values over time to ascertain long-term trends for your server.


Use the same credentials you use to log in to your HP iLO server's online interface to authenticate with the event monitor.


In this tutorial, we showed you how to begin monitoring your HP iLO Servers with FrameFlow. We went over how to add your iLO server as a network device and showed you the available monitoring options. Refer to our HP iLO Event Monitor reference guide for more documentation on this event monitor. Stop by the Features section of our website for new tutorials coming soon!

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