Linux/SSH APT Update Event Monitor
Keep Up-to-Date on Important APT Updates with the APT Update Event Monitor
About the Linux/SSH APT Update Event Monitor

The Linux/SSH APT Update Event Monitor runs "apt-get update" on your Linux devices and alerts if there are updates available. It can help you stay on top of pending updates and required reboots. You can even configure the event monitor to automatically apply updates it detects.

Event Monitor Options

To begin, choose the level of alert you want to receive if the SSH server is unreachable.

Connection Alert Settings

Use the next option to receive alerts if updates are available.

Update Alert Option

If updates have been installed since the last time the event monitor ran, you can choose to receive an alert to notify you of the applied updates.

Installation Alerts

The next option will notify you if any of the applied updates require reboots.

Required Reboot Alerts

Check the box next to the following option to automatically apply available updates.

Automatically Apply Updates Option

Check the final box to receive a list of pending updates in the event text generated each time the event monitor runs.

Pending Update Option

Connection Options

Enter the port number and timeout you want to use here.

Connection Options


This tutorial taught you how to set up a Linux/SSH APT Update Event Monitor so you can begin monitoring for important updates. For additional resources on this event monitor, check out its Technical Resources article.

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