Linux/SSH Availability Event Monitor
Receive Alerts about Connection, Failed Authentication, and Changes in Linux Servers' Key Signatures
About the Linux/SSH Availability Event Monitor

The Linux/SSH Availability Event Monitor connects to a remote SSH server and attempts to login using the supplied username and password. Optionally, it can alert if a connection could not be made, if the authentication fails, or if the server's key signature changes.

Event Monitor Options

To begin, select the level of alert you want to receive if the SSH server is unreachable.

Connection Alert Settings

The next option will check the server response text for whatever text string you input. It will then trigger your choice of alert if the text is found.

Text Presence Settings

Similarly, the next option will send a customizable alert if the text string you input is not found in the server's response text.

Text Absence Settings

The final option lets you choose whether or not the server's complete response text will be included in the event text each time the event monitor runs.

Include/Exclude Response Text

Connection Options

Under "Connection Options", enter the port number and response timeout you want to use with this monitor.

Connection Options


This tutorial went over how to set up a Linux/SSH Availability Event Monitor to begin monitoring availability for all Linux-based devices. For more documentation on this event monitor, check out its Technical Resources page. Keep an eye out for more Linux-related tutorials coming to the Features page soon.

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