Microsoft Azure AD Connect Event Monitor
Learn How to Monitor for Azure Active Directory Synchronization Issues
About the Microsoft Azure AD Connect Health Event Monitor

The Microsoft Azure AD Connect Health Event Monitor connects to Azure and alerts based on the time elapsed since the last on-premises sync with AD Connect. This helps prevent large desynchronizations from occurring and creating other problems. Read on to learn a bit more about this event monitor.

Event Monitor Settings

The first setting available for the AD Connect Health Monitor lets you choose the level of alert you'll be sent if the event monitor cannot contact Azure.

screenshot of AD connect event monitor's connection alert settings Connection Setting

The next option controls the amount of time since the last synchronization that will trigger each level of alert. Enter the amount of time that should pass between syncs before receiving each alert level. You can choose between quantifiers of seconds, minutes, hours, or days depending on your monitoring needs.

screenshot of AD connect event monitor's desynchronization alert settings Last Synchronization Settings


That's all for this event monitor! To help you through the initial setup, we've also created a Technical Resources guide that takes you through the configuration steps for this monitor. Refer back to our Features section for more tutorials on our event monitors.

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