Modbus Event Monitor
Uses Modbus to Check the Network Parameters on Remote Devices
About the Modbus Event Monitor

The Modbus Event Monitor uses Modbus to check stats on your remote devices. You can specify different items to monitor and create custom data points and calculations based on them.

Getting Started

To begin, specify the port number the event monitor should use to connect to Modbus. Then, choose the number of times the event monitor will retry connecting if it fails the first time.

Connection Options

Event Monitor Settings

After you've configured the connection options, you'll need to fill in the "Items to Monitor" table to create an item that will be monitored by FrameFlow. Clicking the question mark button next to this table will reveal the instructions below:

Items to Monitor Instructions

You can use the "Add New Entry" button below the table to create multiple monitoring items.

The calculations table is used to create custom calculations based on the monitoring items you create above.

Calculation Instructions

Use the "Add New Entry" button below the table to create multiple calculations.


This event monitor tutorial taught you how to use Modbus to check remote devices for values and create calculations based on those values. To see more about this event monitor, click here. Stay tuned for more new tutorials coming to the Features page soon!

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