POP3 Event Monitor
Learn How to Monitor POP3 with FrameFlow
About the POP3 Event Monitor

The POP3 Event Monitor connects to a POP3 server and reports on what it finds. You can receive alerts based on the number of messages found therein as well as monitor the amount of data found.

Getting Started

Choose the POP3 server or servers that the event monitor should connect to. Once you've done this, you can begin configuring the event monitor's settings.

POP3 Event Monitor Settings

The option to alert if the mailbox contains more than a specified amount of messages lets you designate a number of messages that will trigger each level of alert. Specify info, warning, error, and critical numbers of messages.

Message Settings

You can also monitor the mailbox's contents by the amount of data therein. Enter a data amount that will trigger each level of alert. After that, input the port number used to connect and choose the authentication level you require. You can choose to use SSL here as well.

Data Amount Settings


Now that you've filled in all of the POP3 Event Monitor's settings, you can begin monitoring the contents of the mailboxes on your POP3 servers. To view more documentation on this event monitor, check out its Technical Resources guide. Make sure to keep an eye on the Features page for more tutorials coming soon!

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