Shared Folders Event Monitor
Monitor Both New and Old Shared Folders and Alert Based on Their Readability/Writability Statuses
About the Shared Folders Event Monitor

The Shared Folders Event Monitor detects folders in your network devices that are readable or writable. It can help you monitor who can access which folders to ensure security is maintained. It can also help you make sure that the folders you intend to share are still available.

Shared Folders Event Monitor Settings

To begin, choose the level of alert you want to receive if readable shares are found.

Readable Shares Option

Next, specify the alert level you want to receive if writable shares are found. You can also choose to be alerted if the list of shares has changed in any way since the last event monitor run.

Other Shares Options

The option to "Alert if more than a specified number of shares are found" lets you select numbers of shares that will trigger each level of alert.

Share Number Options

The next few settings control what the event monitor ignores. You can choose to ignore administrative shares and hidden shares, as well as shares that you specify by name.

Ignoring Options


Now that you've finished configuring your Shared Folders Event Monitor's settings, it's time to begin monitoring your shares. This tutorial showed you all the settings available with the Shared Folders Event Monitor and demonstrated how to use them. Stay tuned for more tutorials like this one coming soon to the Features page. To view more documentation on this event monitor, check out its Technical Resources guide.

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