SNMP UPS Event Monitor
Monitors and Alerts Based on SNMP UPS Stats Like Battery Percentage and Temperature with FrameFlow's Innovative IT Monitoring Software
About the SNMP UPS Event Monitor

The SNMP UPS Event Monitor watches uninterruptible power supplies and other power equipment that supports the SNMP PowerNet-MIB. This tutorial will show you how to start monitoring UPSs with FrameFlow.

Monitoring Options

Enter the SNMP profile, version, and community string that will be used to connect with the event monitor. Enter the port number, timeout, and the number of retries you want the monitor to perform.

SNMP Connection Settings

The first monitoring option lets you choose the level of alert you will receive if your network device cannot be contacted by SNMP.

Connection Settings

Use the next option to receive an alert if battery status is found to be anything other than "normal".

Battery Status Settings

You can also receive a customized alert if the UPS is running on battery.

Battery Power Settings

Check the next box to receive alerts when the battery time remaining dips below the values that you specify.

Battery Time Alert Settings

If the battery percentage drops below the specified values, the next option will send an alert of your choice.

Battery Percentage Settings

The final option alerts based on battery temperature. Enter the temperature that will trigger each level of alert.

Battery Temperature Alert Settings


This tutorial taught you how to set up an SNMP UPS Event Monitor to begin monitoring the associated values. For more documentation on this event monitor, visit its Technical Resources page.

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