TCP Port Event Monitor
Checks to See if Specified TCP/IP Ports are Open
About the TCP Port Event Monitor

The TCP Port Event Monitor watches specified TCP/IP ports and alerts based on whether or not they're open or closed. You can use this event monitor to ensure that specified IP-based services are available.

TCP Port Event Monitor Settings

To begin, set an alert level to receive if the event monitor detects that any of the selected ports are open.

Open Port Settings

Next, set the alert level you wish to receive in the opposite case: when any selected ports are closed.

Closed Port Settings

Finally, specify the number of milliseconds you want the event monitor to wait before timing out, as well as how many retries the event monitor should attempt to connect.

Timeout and Retry Settings


In this tutorial, we showed you how to set up a TCP Port Event Monitor and configure its notification settings. Keep an eye on the Features page of FrameFlow's website as we're adding new tutorials often. Refer to our TCP Port Event Monitor reference guide for more documentation on this event monitor.

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