TOPdesk Event Monitor
Monitor Open Tickets for Your TOPdesk Account
About the TOPdesk Event Monitor

The TOPdesk Event Monitor connects to your TOPdesk account and alerts based on the number of open tickets that exist for each group.

Getting Started

To begin, choose the level of alert you want to receive if the event monitor cannot connect to TOPdesk.

Connection Settings

TOPdesk Event Monitor Settings

The first option alerts based on the number of open tickets found. Enter a number of open tickets that will trigger each level of alert.

Open Tickets Settings

There are also two filtering options. You can choose to include or disclude as many groups as you want. Under "groups to check" and "groups to ignore" respectively, you can enter a comma-separated list of groups. After choosing which groups to include and exclude from monitoring, choose the time period for new/closed ticket counts.

Filtering Options

Lastly, enter the URL base and authentication needed to connect to your TOPdesk account.

URL Base and Authentication Settings


Once you've configured these settings, you can begin monitoring your TOPdesk account. To view more documentation on this event monitor, check out its Technical Resources guide. Check back on the Features page soon to see a new batch of tutorials!

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