Traceroute Event Monitor
Monitor Traceroutes with FrameFlow's Comprehensive Event Monitor
About the Traceroute Event Monitor

The Traceroute Event Monitor uses standard ICMP Pings to check the traceroute of servers. This tutorial will teach you how to set one up and begin monitoring the traceroutes of your most important servers.

Traceroute Event Monitor Settings

The first option will let you know if the average response time for a hop is longer than the values you specify.

Average Response Time Settings

The next option works the same way, but monitors the maximum response time for a hop instead of the average.

Maximum Response Time Settings

Next, choose the level of alert you'd like to receive if the route changes.

Route Change Alert Settings

Connection Settings

Next, configure the connection settings for your new event monitor. In this section, you can set the maximum number of hops, the number of times to ping each hop, and the reply timeout.

Connection Settings


Once you've configured these settings, you can begin monitoring the traceroutes of your servers. Check back on the Features page soon to see a new batch of tutorials! To view more documentation on this event monitor, check out its Technical Resources guide.

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