Windows Time Event Monitor
Ensure That the Time on Your Windows Devices Match the Time on Your FrameFlow Server
About the Windows Time Event Monitor

The Windows Time Event Monitor helps you ensure that the dates/times on all of your Windows devices match the time on your FrameFlow server. Use this event monitor to receive alerts about detected discrepancies in seconds or by comparing UTC offsets.

This event monitor can also help users who need to generate time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs). If the difference in time between two systems is too great, passwords with a time limit may have already expired by the time they're entered on the system in which the time runs behind. By fixing the discrepancy between the times on each system, you can ensure that the window in which your one-time password is valid will be the same on each system, allowing you to log in without issue.

Event Monitor Options

To begin, choose whether or not to receive alerts based on the detected time difference in seconds. This option lets you input the number of seconds' difference that will trigger each alert level.

Second-Based Alert Settings

The next option will alert you if your device's time zone offset doesn't match your FrameFlow server.

Time Zone Offset Alert Setting

The final option will send you an alert of your choosing if the UTC offset detected on your device doesn't match the one your FrameFlow server is using.

UTC Offset Difference Alert Setting


This tutorial taught you how to configure a Windows Time Event Monitor's settings. Keep an eye out for more tutorials on new event monitors coming soon. To learn more about this event monitor, check out its technical resources page.

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