Meet the Team

Meet Our Team of FrameFlow Experts

Meet the FrameFlow Team

Meet the FrameFlow team: With a singular dedication to help you make sure your critical systems are up and running, we’re the gang that develops, promotes and supports our world-class SNMP and IT monitoring software solution.


Don Leclair

Don is responsible for customer communications, product planning and the design of new features and functionality. Constantly in contact with FrameFlow users, he’s always looking for your input and suggestions.


James Taylor

James is the lead for FrameFlow’s sales and marketing efforts. Through blog posts and web original web content, he’s focused on telling the FrameFlow story about how our software helps you to make sure your critical systems are up and running.


David Reynolds

David is a software engineer focusing on FrameFlow’s core monitoring technologies. With deep experience with SNMP, Active Directory and more, David is the key figure behind the advanced technology that drives our lightning-fast monitoring engine.


Svein Sveinson

Svein is the FrameFlow expert user interface developer who can also take on the full development stack to bring you great new features and functionality. New dashboard panels, new widgets, new settings and options, Svein is the guy behind them all.


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