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Video: Adding New Event Monitors

Easily Add New Event Monitors to Check New Conditions

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About Event Monitors

Event monitors are tasks that run against your network devices on a schedule that you choose. For example, you might have a Ping event monitor which checks the response time of your critical systems each time it runs and alerts you if any system does not respond within selected thresholds.

FrameFlow includes event monitors of all kinds. It's part of our Unified Monitoring strategy which gives you a single-pane-of-glass view for all of your IT operations.

Adding Event Monitors

In the video above, you can see how easy it is to add a new event monitor instance. Select "Add Event Monitor" from the Actions menu and then choose the type of event monitor you would like to add. If you're new to FrameFlow then spend a bit of time scrolling through the list of event monitors that FrameFlow provides. Don't forget to look in the "SNMP Library" tab and the "PowerShell Library" tab for more event monitors in those two categories.

After you've chosen your event monitor type you can then start to select the settings for it. In our example we're using a System Health event monitor. It checks CPU, bandwidth, disk space, memory usage and ping response time all in one go. For use the Device Chooser to select the devices that you want to monitor and then set your threshold for each metric. Or, to just collect system health metrics without alerting, leave the thresholds blank.

After you save the changes, the event monitor will run and show you the results that were retrieved. After that it will continue to run on the schedule you choose and over time it will provide you with a rich history showing the system health of all your critical IT systems.

More Event Monitor Types

Of course, FrameFlow offers more than just system health monitoring for your servers. It can also monitor your networking gear, power systems, cooling systems, printers and everything else in your IT environment. That's what we call Unified Monitoring. FrameFlow brings all of this together into a single pane of glass that gives you a bird's eye view of IT operations. Download our free 30-day evaluation version and see it for yourself.

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