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Video: Building Custom Dashboards

Quickly Build a Custom Dashboard Showing the Status Info You Need

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Build Custom Dashboards

FrameFlow ships with a set of standard dashboards which you can customize in any way you want, but you can also create your dashboards from scratch. It's quick and easy using our point-and-click dashboard editor.

Point and Click

To create a new dashboard, select the Dashboards section in the menu bar on the left side of the screen. Then, in the tree section right-click on the Dashboards item at the top and choose "Add New Dashboard". Now you have a blank canvas to work with and you can start designing the dashboard that gives you the exact view of system operations that you need.

Adding Panels

Dashboards are composed of multiple panels. Panels can easily be resized and repositioned in order to best fit their content and make use of the full dashboard area. To add a new panel, right-click on the dashboard and select "Add Panel". A window will appear showing the different kinds of panels that you can use to build your dream dashboard.

Dashboard Themes

FrameFlow includes several different dashboard themes. To change the theme for a dashboard, make sure you are in edit mode then right-click on the dashboard's background and choose "Change Theme". FrameFlow includes a variety of themes in both light and dark formats.

All About Dashboards

With FrameFlow, building beautiful dashboards is quick and easy. See for yourself by downloading our free 30-day evaluation. You'll be up and running in just five minutes.

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