Lightboard Dashboard Panel

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Lightboard Panels

One of FrameFlow's most popular dashboard panel types is the lightboard panel. Lightboards show a two-dimensional display of lights with each light indicating status including success, warning, error and critical statuses.

It gives you and your staff a quick way to identify which devices have failed which checks so you can take the necessary corrective actions.

Flexible Options

You have a lot of flexibility in deciding what will be displayed on your lightboard panels.

Some of the options you can control include the orientation of the panel, which devices will be included, and which event monitors will be included. You can also control font and indicator sizes, helping you create a perfect dashboard for display in your network operations rooms.

Single Pane of Glass

Lightboard displays are an important element of how FrameFlow delivers a single pane of glass view of all your IT operations. Take it for a spin today and see for yourself.

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