List Switch and Router Interfaces

See Interface Status and Metrics for Your IT Equipment

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List Switch and Router Interfaces

FrameFlow lets you set a device type for each of your devices. The device type that you select will unlock extra features that are dedicated to the specific device type. For example, selecting the "Windows" device type will add new tabs showing processes, services and event logs for Windows-based devices.

Selecting the "Switch/Router" device type adds a new tab called "Interfaces" that shows each interface on the device along with handy information such as its name, description, oper status, and much more.

SNMP for Interface Data Retrieval

The interfaces tab gets its data using SNMP, so make sure to assign an SNMP profile to your switch and router devices. The SNMP profile tells FrameFlow which version of SNMP it should use and gives it the community string or SNMPv3 credentials that it needs to connect.

Use the Actions menu to select "Refresh Interfaces List" to populate the interface list and do the same thing again whenever you want to update it to show the latest metrics.

Switch and Router Interface Lists

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