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To stay on top of network and system status, system administrators need one place where they can go to see the current list of active alerts. In FrameFlow we call this place: Headquarters. It's the very first option in the main menu and you'll find yourself using it all the time.

Headquarters lists all active alerts. Newest alerts are displayed at the top so you can quickly identify new issues. You can sort by any column in the list and you can expand individual alerts to get the complete details about what triggered the alert and why.

Monitoring and Managing

Headquarters isn't just about viewing current status, it also lets you manage the alerts so you and your team can effectively respond to critical situations while not being distracted by low priority ones.

By suppressing individual alerts, you can have them drop to the bottom of the headquarters list to get them off the radar while you deal with more important issues.

Suppressing an alert "Once" will drop it off the list, but if it's still in a non-success state the next time FrameFlow checks the condition, the alert will re-appear at the top of Headquarters so it's sure to catch your attention.

Or you can suppress an alert "Always". This drops it to the bottom of the list where it will stay until you resume it.

All About Dashboards

For more documentation on this Dashboards feature, check out our tutorial.

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