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Office 365 Monitoring

Monitor the Status of Office 365 Cloud Services

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Monitoring Cloud Services

Moving services into the cloud has many advantages. In an ideal world your chosen cloud service providers would be 100% reliable and their services would be always available. Unfortunately this isn't true even for major organizations like Microsoft. That's why FrameFlow includes status monitoring for Microsoft Office 365 services.

Get Alerts About Degraded Cloud Services

FrameFlow can actively monitor the status of the Office 365 services that your organization relies on. It connects directly to Microsoft status servers to get status information and alerts you about services that are offline or degraded.

Keep Everyone Informed About Cloud Service Status

Often end users don't understand why their cloud services are unavailable. This can lead to increased pressure on your IT staff and more and more end users reach out for updates about status for services that are out of your control. Stay ahead of the game by creating a FrameFlow dashboard that shows Office 365 status. You can send everyone a link to the status dashboard so end users can check on service status themselves.

Some FrameFlow customers, especially large educational institutions, will even show Office 365 status on a large display in a common room or other public area.

Cloud Service Monitoring

Monitoring local IT assets is important but it's also important to monitor your cloud-based services. Get FrameFlow now and see how easy it is to get the cloud status visibility that you need.

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