SNMP Monitoring in Six Easy Steps

FrameFlow's EasySNMP Technology Takes the Headaches Out of SNMP Monitoring

EasySNMP Bandwidth Monitoring

SNMP monitoring has never been so easy. FrameFlow hides all of the complexity associated with SNMP monitoring so you can get the data you need. Whether it’s a prosumer switch, an enterprise-grade router, or any other SNMP-enabled device, robust bandwidth monitoring is just a few clicks of your mouse away.

Scroll down and see for yourself.

1. Log Into FrameFlow

After installing FrameFlow on a system or virtual machine on your network, log in using your username and password.

2. Add a New SNMP Bandwidth Event Monitor

Select the gear icon for the Event Monitors section and then in the tree right-click on the top node, or one of the subgroups, and choose “Add Event Monitor.”

3. Select the Network Devices to Monitor

Use the Chooser button to show the list of network devices, then the Add Device button to add the IP address or hostname of the SNMP device you want to monitor. You can monitor multiple devices with one event monitor, but in this example we’ll use just one.

4. Select SNMP Settings, Choose Alert Levels

Enter the parameters required to connect to your devices using SNMP. FrameFlow supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2C and SNMPv3. Then choose the conditions that you would like to be alerted about. In this example, we’ll tell FrameFlow to alert us if the total bandwidth on any interface is greater than 1 GB/s. Finally, set the monitoring frequency and save your changes.

5. View Results

Let the new event monitor run for a few minutes. On each run it will generate a textual event showing you current bandwidth in a clear and easy to read format. It will also collect numeric values on each run which are used to populate graphs, dashboards and reports.

6. View Graphs

Select the graphs tab to get a visual view of bandwidth usage. Graphs can be generated for any custom date range. You can even zoom in on specific time periods to get a detailed view of bandwidth usage at exactly that point in time.

All Done!

As you can see, SNMP monitoring has never been so easy. No fiddling with OIDs, MIBs or other obscure terminology. Just point and click to get the data you need to manage and monitor your critical IT operations.

Grab our 30-day trial edition and see for yourself how easy it is to unlock the full power of SNMP monitoring.

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