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Comprehensive IT Monitoring for Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 Service Status Monitoring

As a system administrator, it's easy for your support lines to become inundated if an outage occurs. Often, users don’t intuitively understand the difference between something you can solve in-house and service-wide issues.

What if you had a way to communicate cloud service status to your end users? FrameFlow lets you do exactly that for services hosted on Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Service Status dashboard panel type

FrameFlow's Microsoft 365 Service Status Event Monitor constantly checks official Microsoft servers for the current status of Microsoft 365 services. Based on that, you can easily build dashboards that clearly show end users the current status of the services they use.

Monitoring Microsoft Teams

Recently, we've added a Microsoft Teams Event Monitor to our roster of Azure-compatible event monitors. Some organizations have hundreds of Microsoft Teams channels, many of which become obsolete as time passes, projects are completed, and new employees come and go. You can use this event monitor to get notified about conditions like channel addition, removal, channel ownership, and more. Details about your teams will be displayed in the event text so you never miss a beat with Microsoft Teams again.

Table of channel membership data gathered by Microsoft Teams Event Monitor.

Alerts Based on License Counts

Keeping track of license counts is as important as keeping track of cloud-based service status. On one hand, you don't want to run out of licenses and prevent new staff members from getting online. On the other hand, you don't want to waste your budget on licenses that you're not using.

Event Monitor showing output describing Microsoft 365 license counts.

FrameFlow lets you walk that fine line by monitoring your Office 365 license counts and alerting you based on both high and low license counts. This helps you keep the number of available licenses that balances license availability with cost efficiency.

At the same time, FrameFlow keeps a historical record of your license usage to assist you with future capacity planning.

Microsoft 365 Monitoring the Easy Way

FrameFlow makes it easy for you to keep on top of cloud service availability and license management. It only takes about five minutes to install FrameFlow and set up Microsoft 365 monitoring, so download our free trial and get started now.

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