Video: Defining Maintenance Windows

Define One-Time or Recurring Maintenance Windows

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Defining Maintenance Windows

FrameFlow runs tests against your critical systems 24x7 to help you make sure they up and running. But what about when systems are down for planned maintenance or upgrades? That’s when you want to take advantage of FrameFlow’s flexible support for maintenance windows.

With just a few points and clicks you can define a maintenance window so you don’t get alerted during those times.

Some maintenance tasks occur at regular intervals. For these tasks, FrameFlow lets you define recurring maintenance windows.

Maybe it's every night at 11pm. Or Sundays at 2am. Or maybe it's the second Tuesday of every month. FrameFlow's maintenance windows have all of these options and more.

Other maintenance tasks occur one time only, sometimes on short notice. FrameFlow has full support for one-time maintenance windows too.

Of course, different systems have different maintenance timeframes and requirements.

That's why FrameFlow lets you define multiple maintenance windows and assign them individually, or in groups, to your different kinds of IT equipment.

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