System Health Dashboards

The Five Most Important Metrics, All in One Place

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System Health Dashboards

The five most important indicators of system health are CPU usage, disk space usage, memory usage, bandwidth rate, and ping response time. If any of these metrics are in the danger zone then things start to fail - and fast.

That's why FrameFlow ships with a set of system health dashboard panels that show each of these metrics clearly and concisely so you can spot problems with just a quick glance.

Individual or Combined

FrameFlow's system health panels can let you break out each metric into its own panel. Or you can choose a combined view that shows all metrics together in a view that is much like a traditional spreadsheet but with dynamic values and highlighting based on status.

Healthy Systems = Healthy Operations

To get started building informative and visually appealing system health dashboards, check out our tutorial.

With FrameFlow, system health monitoring is both powerful and effortless. Take it for a spin today. It takes just five minutes to install FrameFlow and five more to get system health metrics for all of your important systems.

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