Microsoft Intune Inventory Event Monitor
Creates and Updates Inventory Tabs for all Microsoft Intune Devices
About the Microsoft Intune Inventory Event Monitor

The Microsoft Intune Inventory Event Monitor gathers and displays inventory information for each of your Intune devices. It displays this information in a new inventory tab created when you add your Intune devices to the event monitor. You can also use the data it gathers to build reports about your Intune devices.

Event Monitor Settings

The first option in the Microsoft Intune Inventory Event Monitor lets you choose the level of alert you want to receive if the event monitor is unable to connect to Microsoft Azure.

Lost Contact Settings

You can also choose to receive an alert if a device previously detected by the event monitor is no longer found in Microsoft Intune.

Intune Member Settings

The event monitor can send you an alert if the list of detected applications has changed since the last time the event monitor ran.

Application List Change Alert Setting

Below this option, there's a field for you to enter the names of applications that you want the event monitor to ignore. Enter names separated by commas.

Devices to Ignore Field

Inventory Tab and Reports

Now that your new event monitor is all configured, it's time to see the data it generates throughout your FrameFlow interface. All network devices that you connect to a Microsoft Intune Inventory Event Monitor will now have an inventory tab that will be populated and regularly updated with inventory data about your device.

Inventory Tab on an Intune Device

In the Reports section of FrameFlow, you can create robust inventory reports for Microsoft Intune using data from your Microsoft Intune Inventory monitors. Once you've got at least one Intune Inventory Event Monitor with devices connected, head to the Reports section.

Inventory Report Types

There's a default folder of different types of inventory reports already there. All you need to do is choose one and use the Actions menu to build the report with data from your devices. More about the Reports section can be found on our blog.


Now that you know how to populate inventory information for your Microsoft Intune-connected devices, you can use FrameFlow to organize and learn more about your devices. We also offer inventory monitoring for Windows, Linux, and SNMP, so check those out if they're relevant to your monitoring needs. To learn more about this inventory event monitor, check out its Technical Resources page.

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