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Comprehensive Monitoring for Amazon Web Services

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Introduction to AWS Monitoring

Monitoring AWS metrics is key to maintaining the overall health of your cloud-based services. Keeping track of what’s going on in the cloud will help you handle small problems before they snowball into bigger ones. We have tools to help you monitor each aspect of your AWS services to give you a holistic view of overall AWS health.

DynamoDB Monitoring

FrameFlow’s support for AWS has been growing recently with the addition of the Amazon AWS DynamoDB Event Monitor. It watches DynamoDB metrics for all your AWS devices by checking tables and running PartiQL statements. The retrieved results can be used to generate custom alerts based on specific values.

Automatically Onboard New AWS Devices

We also offer an AWS Discovery Event Monitor that finds new AWS instances and automatically onboards them to your existing monitoring configuration. Pair that with our CloudWatch and EC2 event monitors and you’re ready to take your AWS monitoring to the next level.

Built-in Budget Monitoring

Want extra protection against going over budget? We have an event monitor for that, too. Our Amazon AWS Billing Event Monitor watches and alerts based on day-to-day spending as well as current and forecasted monthly bill amounts. This tool can protect you against unexpected price surges and helps you keep on top of spending as soon as it occurs.

Simple Storage Service (S3) Monitoring

FrameFlow also has a monitoring solution for your Amazon S3 assets. The Amazon AWS S3 Event Monitor keeps track of metrics like bucket size, access status, policy, and more. Monitor your most important buckets with custom settings and receive notifications about any change, all while receiving a detailed monitoring summary in the event text generated each time the event monitor runs. This way, you can keep a record of the sizes and statuses of your S3 buckets over time.

EC2 Monitoring Solutions

The Amazon AWS EC2 Event Monitor is the all-in-one solution for AWS instances, elastic IPs, snapshots, and security groups. It will alert you when the state of any instance changes, producing a record of events that helps you keep on top of EC2 operations.

When a new instance is launched or an existing one is terminated, you can be notified right away. If an elastic IP has been assigned or unassigned, the event monitor will alert you about that too. Any aspect of EC2 that interests you can be monitored closely, producing real-time alerts and allowing you to respond swiftly.

CloudWatch Metric Monitoring

Monitoring your CloudWatch metrics is simple with FrameFlow. Use our Amazon AWS CloudWatch Event Monitor to select the relevant CloudWatch metrics and begin monitoring in minutes.

Detect events like the launch or termination of instances at a glance, all while monitoring each state change that takes place. Receive alerts about the assignment or unassignment of elastic IPs instantly. Snapshot metrics and security group changes are covered, too.

Amazon AWS Lambda Monitoring

Need a tool to monitor AWS Lambda? Our Amazon AWS Lambda Event Monitor has got you covered. With event monitoring for metrics including errors, throttles, and execution duration, you can monitor and receive alerts about your most important functions as soon as they experience less-than-ideal conditions.

AWS Monitoring Made Simple

FrameFlow's collection of AWS event monitors make it the most powerful and versatile AWS monitoring tool on the market. It takes about five minutes to download our free trial and start configuring a custom AWS monitoring setup. Give us a try today!

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