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Cloud Service Monitoring: Azure

Comprehensive Monitoring for Microsoft Azure

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Azure Monitoring and Discovery Features

Without proper monitoring, it’s easy for billed services to quickly exceed your budget. That’s why FrameFlow has recently added a set of billing event monitors, including the Azure Billing Event Monitor.

This event monitor is designed to automatically track any Azure-related spending. It can alert based on daily spending and can also predict the end-of-month bill as well as the next month’s bill, all based on your budget and month-to-date spending habits.

Another Azure feature offered by FrameFlow is the Azure Discovery Event Monitor. It finds new Azure instances and automatically onboards them to your monitoring configuration.

This feature helps you save a wealth of time that would otherwise be spent onboarding Azure instances by hand. Discovered instances will be added to a folder that you specify for easy access. From there, you can decide how best to integrate the discovered items into your existing monitoring configuration.

Azure Monitoring Simplified

Monitoring your network devices doesn't have to be complicated. Test out the FrameFlow interface today by downloading our free trial and see just how smooth cloud monitoring can be. It takes just five minutes to download the trial and set up your first event monitor, so give us a spin!

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