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Comprehensive Monitoring for Microsoft Azure

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FrameFlow's Microsoft Azure Compatibility

FrameFlow has several dedicated Microsoft Azure event monitors that help you keep an eye on aspects of your Azure assets like billing, app registrations, service health, certificates, and more! Our strong Azure integration makes keeping on top of your company's usage a breeze. Read on to hear more about Azure monitoring with FrameFlow.

Microsoft Azure App Registration Monitoring

Client secrets are integral to your Azure operations and when they expire, services you rely on can stop working. To avoid this, we've created a Microsoft Azure App Registration Event Monitor that watches over all your Azure app registrations and alerts you well before client secrets are due to expire. Use this event monitor to stay on top of conditions related to your client secrets like addition and removal and get alerts when registrations are due to expire soon.

Azure Bill Monitoring

Without proper monitoring, it’s easy for billed services to quickly exceed your budget. That’s why FrameFlow has recently added a set of billing event monitors, including the Azure Billing Event Monitor.

Sample output from FrameFlow's Microsoft Azure Billing Event Monitor.

This event monitor is designed to automatically track any Azure-related spending. It can alert based on daily spending and can also predict the end-of-month bill as well as the next month’s bill, all based on your budget and month-to-date spending habits.

Activity Log Monitoring

With FrameFlow, you can also monitor your Azure activity logs. With our specialized event monitor, you can receive an alert of your choice of severity when specific events are found in the activity log. Filter by event level, event initiator, and category to find the activity logs that are relevant to you.

Azure VMs Status Event Monitor

Wondering about the status of your Azure virtual machines? The Microsoft Azure VMs Status Event Monitor can help. With it, you can receive alerts about the launch/deletion of instances, failed status checks, state changes, and more! Never miss a beat when it comes to your Azure virtual machines with this event monitor.

Monitoring Azure Logon Security

Keep an eye on every login and login attempt with the Microsoft Azure Logon Security Event Monitor. This event monitor watches your Azure VMs and keeps track of every login. You can even specify users, applications, and resources to monitor under custom settings.

Automatic Device Discovery

Another Azure feature offered by FrameFlow is the Azure Discovery Event Monitor. It finds new Azure instances and automatically onboards them to your monitoring configuration.

Azure virtual machine information gathered by FrameFlow.

This feature helps you save a wealth of time that would otherwise be spent onboarding Azure-enabled devices by hand. Discovered instances will be added to a folder that you specify for easy access. From there, you can decide how best to integrate the discovered items into your existing monitoring configuration.

Monitoring the Health of Your Azure Services

FrameFlow's Microsoft Azure Service Health Event Monitor helps you keep track of your Azure services and sends you alerts about metrics like service issues and security advisories. With this event monitor, you'll be notified about service degradation sooner than ever before, allowing you to take steps to rectify the problem ASAP.

Azure Certificate Monitoring

If you need help keeping track of your Azure certificates, we've got the tool for that too. The Microsoft Azure Certificate Event Monitor watches certificates in your Azure key vaults and sends alerts when they've expired or are about to expire. You can customize the settings to send alerts about new certificates, expired certificates, or certificates that are due to expire soon. You can also configure the event text to include information about past certificates for recordkeeping purposes.

Output from FrameFlow's Microsoft Azure Certificate Event Monitor.

Azure Monitoring Simplified

Monitoring your network devices doesn't have to be complicated. Test out the FrameFlow interface today by downloading our free trial and see just how smooth cloud monitoring can be. It takes just five minutes to download the trial and set up your first event monitor, so give us a spin!

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