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FrameFlow Server Monitoring: Key Features

FrameFlow Features That Make it Stand Out From the Rest

FrameFlow Server Monitoring: Key Features

We fully understand the importance monitoring all the various IT systems that are critical to your business operations including: servers, routers, switches, HVAC systems, temperature sensors, back-up power supplies and virtually any type of device with an IP address, to ensure they are indeed performing as required. Our cutting edge, but easy to use and fully customizable monitoring software scales to scan 10s of 1000s of IT systems, with over 85 different monitoring types to cover all requirements.

Here’s the rundown on some of the special features that make FrameFlow standout.

Scale to Monitor 10s of 1000s of IT Systems

Some monitoring solutions top out or bog down at 100 or 500 systems. FrameFlow is highly optimized and ready to scale as you grow. We have helped our customers deploy configurations with more than 20,000 IT systems, simultaneously monitored on one instance of FrameFlow. This is part of what makes us the perfect solution for large organizations with various IT systems and distributed network assets.

FrameFlow is about more than just server monitoring. FrameFlow can also keep track of your switches, routers, web sites, VMware servers, power systems, Linux systems and a whole lot more.

If you are dealing with a mess of role-specific monitoring tools, you’ll quickly find that FrameFlow can replace them all and give you a unified monitoring solution for all your systems.

Extremely Easy to Use and Easy to Manage

FrameFlow makes it easy to quickly create visually pleasing network diagrams that give you the views of your network that you need, including topology and monitoring status. Our browser-based diagram editor lets you select, group, copy and arrange items quickly and easily. It’s like having Visio in a browser with monitoring status layered on top!

Color-Coded Metrics for Each IT System

FrameFlow’s lightboard displays give you an immediate visual view of the monitoring status for each IT system. Our display is color-coded, making it easy to spot which systems are under stress, running low on critical resources, or have failed which checks, so you can quickly take corrective action.

Multiple Users with Different Permission Levels

FrameFlow lets you control who has access to your monitoring configuration and what rights they have been granted. Predefined roles include: Administrator, Manager, Dashboards Only, View Only and more. You can also use the Custom Role to mix and match permissions, granting only the specific rights that you choose.

Flexible Notifications by Email with Rate Control

Use email notification to alert staff members when a device fails a check or when a metric crosses a threshold. What if it’s the mail server that’s down? FrameFlow lets you specify multiple backup email servers and it will try each in the order you specify.

FrameFlow also supports rate controls to make sure your inbox doesn’t get flooded. Our alerting engine automatically tracks the receive rates for each email recipient and if the rate exceeds the threshold you choose, that recipient will start to receive summary emails at regular intervals instead of alerts for each individual condition.

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Failover Options Ensure Monitoring Continuity

With FrameFlow’s failover feature, you can have two FrameFlow instances running concurrently. The secondary instance periodically synchronizes with the primary, getting a complete copy of the full monitoring configuration. The secondary also monitors the primary and if it detects that the primary is down, the secondary takes over monitoring your systems until the primary is restored. It’s a great way to ensure your monitoring is running 24×7 and under all conditions!

Monitor a Wide Range of Servers, Processes, IT Systems and Equipment

FrameFlow can monitor servers, switches, routers, workstations, printers, UPS’s (uninterruptible power supply), PDU’s (power distribution units) HVAC equipment and many other types of systems. FrameFlow also monitors applications, processes, web servers, and scripts, making our tool the unified solution to monitor all of your IT systems and equipment.

System Health Event Monitor Ranks Metrics By Priority with Dedicated Event Monitors

FrameFlow’s system health event monitor collects CPU, drive space, memory usage, bandwidth and ping metrics all in one go. It then produces reports and dashboards which rank your systems by each metric, giving you actionable data right away.

Need more granularity? FrameFlow has individual dedicated event monitors for each of the key system health metrics. Each one of them gives you dozens of more monitoring options.

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SNMP Monitoring: Catch SNMP traps and use SNMP polling to watch your switches, routers and other networking gear. Monitor bandwidth, interface status or any other SNMP values. It works great with your UPSs, PDUs and other power equipment too.

Windows Monitoring: Monitor Active Directory, Exchange Server, Windows event logs, performance counters, Windows Updates, registry settings, DHCP allocations and much more within your Windows-based systems.

Linux Monitoring: Keep tabs on your Linux-based systems as well by monitoring processes, daemons, file systems, CPU usage, log files, MySQL databases, and more.

Extensibility with PowerShell to Cover Custom Monitoring Requirements

Every organization has some monitoring requirements that are very specific to its own history and environment. It’s important to monitor these systems, but “out of the box” options often don’t exist for them. It’s for these reasons that FrameFlow is extensible through scripting. Using just a few lines of PowerShell, JavaScript, VBScript or Perl, you can implement your own monitoring actions for your custom requirements. It’s super easy and we provide sample code to get you started.

Your script is responsible for doing the monitoring, but it is also fully integrated with our scheduling and alerting engines. This means you can take advantage of options to define how often the script runs, apply filters based on date and time and more. You can also use any or all of FrameFlow’s notification options. You can receive alerts by email, text message or use any other notification option we have, such as getting alerts through Slack.

Point, click, drag and drop… that’s all it takes to build beautiful custom dashboards, that incorporate graphs, gauges, data point values, network diagrams and much more.

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Design Custom Dashboards Showing Critical Metrics

Use FrameFlow’s built-in editor to design dashboards showing the metrics that are critical to the operations of your organization. You can even design multiple dashboards and play them in a rotating slideshow. They look amazing on a large LCD screen in your operations room.

FrameFlow: Scalable, Highly Versatile and Easy to Use

FrameFlow strives to take care of all of your server and IT systems monitoring needs in one simple to use interface that let’s you know when and where something is not performing exactly as needed. Our monitoring tool easily scales to cover many thousands of IT systems in one instance, with over 85 monitoring types available for all sorts of requirements. FrameFlow is extensible through PowerShell and other scripting options to cover custom monitoring requirements. FrameFlow in managed in beautiful dashboards, that can be easily customized with our drag and drop editing.

You can try FrameFlow for free, with no obligations or credit card required.

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Article Summary

This article describes some of FrameFlow's IT monitoring strengths including scalability and easy-of-use.

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